britt k leckman

Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System
Senior Photographer and Digital Media Analyst

Duties include:
Manage and Maintains Federal Reserve Board Still Photography Studio
Official Portraiture
Group and Special Presentation Photography
Meeting and Special Event Photography
Architectural and Product Photography
Public Affairs Photographic Support
Security and Evidence Documentation
Graphics Center Customer Support

Senior Photographer responsible for all day to day photographic needs of the Board, Supervises one assistant.
Assists the Boards Video Production unit as needed, especially where lighting is concerned
Converted the Board's photographic program from film to digital in 1999.
Implemented digital file and database flow procedures to handle the 15,000 plus images taken annually.
Acts as a point person concerning Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign software.
Maintained the Graphic Center's Darkroom, which included E6 and traditional black and white processes. (darkroom removed in 2003).
Page layout and Web Design.

Received Associate of Science Degree in Photography with Studio Specialization
from Northern Virginia Community College

George Mason University, Multimedia Resource Center
Lab Manager for Video, Computer Graphics and Digital Audio

Duties included:
Maintained the Center's full use Betacam/S-VHS video studio and editing suites
Counseled students in the use of the center's video editing suites
Assisted with lighting and set design issues in the video studio
Acted as liaison between the Center and the University's Broadcast Center
Mentored Students in video and graphic production techniques
Assisted Students with Adobe Photoshop and other graphic editing software
Administrative Support

Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus
Audio Visual Technician

Duties included:
Acted as the Alexandria Campus' photographer
Maintained the college's darkroom
Assisted with the set up and use of a/v, audio and video equipment in the classroom
Prepared digital and traditional graphics for classroom use
Assisted in the operation and use of the campus' video conferencing system
Assisted Students with Adobe Photoshop and other graphic editing software
Administrative Support

International Press Center and Club, Radisson Hotel Slavjanskaya, Moscow
Manager Audio Visual and Photographic Services

Duties included:
Responsible for day to day A/V and Video at the IPCCM
Acted as Technical Liaison between IPCCM and Russian/Foreign Electronic Media
Liaison between IPCCM and Radison Slavjanskaya Hotel for technical assistance
Responsible for Photographic Services at IPCCM
Procured necessary Photographic and A/V Equipment locally
Administrative Support

National Press Club
Manager Audio Visual Services

Duties included:
Responsible for all audio/visual equipment at the NPC
Assisted clients with A/V planning and press expectations
Provided equipment and support for press conferences and special events
Provided photographic services on request
Provided audio or video taping services on request
Acted as technical liaison between NPC and electronic media
Acted as technical liaison between NPC, C-Span and National Public Radio for live broadcast
Administrative Support

US Coast Guard

Marine Safety Office, San Juan Puerto Rico
Marine Science Technician, Port Security and Safety

Duties included:
Port and vessel inspection for environmental and safety compliance
Hazmat release response team member
Hazmat investigation
Station photographer
Administrative Support


National Response Center, Washington, DC
Marine Science Technician, Administrative and Graphic Support

Duties included:
Preparation of daily video and graphic materials for Commandant's Flag briefing
Presentation of graphics for Commandant's Flag briefing
Back-up National Response Center telephone response operator
Administrative Support

Cafe Europa, Hilton Head Island, SC
Sauté Chef


My Friends Restaurant, Evergreen, CO
Sous Chef

US Coast Guard

USCGC Midgett
Marine Science Technician, Meteorological and Oceanographic Support, Ships Photographer

Duties included:
Boarding party member, fisheries inspection
Ships photographer
4 daily weather observations while at sea
Captain's daily weather briefing
Preparation of twice daily weather charts and forecasts for bridge and Captain
Daily oceanographic observations and sampling while at sea
Processing and assembling results from oceanographic sampling
Maintenance of meteorological and oceanographic equipment and supplies
In-port watchstanding
Administrative Support

USCGC Polar Star
Seaman, Deck Operations, Ships Photographer


Graduated Evergreen Senior High School


Evergreen Canyon Courier Newspaper
Photographer, Darkroom and Graphic Arts Camera Operator